Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's finished!

Well my little tease from Sunday is actually finished! I'm so pleased! I had designed this one a while ago and had been putting off stitching it as, for some reason, I had got it into my head that it would take a long time to stitch.  And why would that be a problem? I don't know, suffice to say, it had been put on the back burner. So with a little trumpet fanfare, here it is....

Those of you who guessed cocktail glass were right! Sorry, no prizes though!!!

I admit that I did spend most of Sunday stitching it...but it was wonderfully relaxing and I was so pleased with the finished stitching. 

The top of the glass is covered with....dare I say it.....french knots! I can hear the groans of those people who hate french knots along with those that can't do them. But this design would be great for those who struggle with french knots - honestly! Since the knots are supposed to represent the salt on the glass, the knots really don't have to be neat at fact, it would probably look more realistic with very uneven knots - who can complain at that?!!!

Here are a couple of close ups of the top of the glass.

For those people who like french knots, you can just squeeze in as many as your heart desires!

Along with the sampler I've also designed a matching coaster (seems fitting!) and a card.
I've started working on the coaster, but haven't gotten too far with it...

I won't be using french knots on the coaster design as they would just get squashed underneath the acrylic of the coaster.

Once I get the samples stitched up, this design will be available on my website. The chart will also be available with alternate wording -
     Birthdays should be taken with a grain of salt
     Fridays should be taken with a grain of salt
     Saturdays should be taken with a grain of salt
     Weekends should be taken with a grain of salt
 (You will get ALL 5 charts  plus the card and coaster design when you order this package)

So now I'm in the process of deciding how to make this into a little gift package. You know how I like to make my cross stitching into little gifts!  :)

Until next time...happy stitching!


Lija said...

I ove this design a lot!!! Not sure about the cherries, mainly due to colour, but apart from that would love to stitch it. Can't wait for summer when life would no longer be wrapped around the studies.

Anonymous said...

Lovely design and the french knots around the rim is a great touch.

Very colourful!

Colorado Stitcher said...

love it and love the french knots too!

mdgtjulie said...

It's lovely, Rhona. I love the shades of green in it. It's just beautiful. Kudos to you!! And who knows why you thought it would take a long time. Sometimes, we get a thought stuck in our heads, and it just won't go away!!

Mangogirl said...

such a little cutie :D i love the cocktail glass.

Anne said...

Looks so good Rhona! I want a martini :D

Mouse said...

heheheh nice one and love French knots too :) love mouse xxxx

Hippywitch said...

Yippee I was right, it didn't mean I had booze on the brain, lol!

I love this design and I'm one of those people who loves French knots :-) I know I'm in the minority!

Look forward to seeing what gifts you come up with you have such great ideas!

Lori xxx

Valma said...

wooo lovely :)
Great design, colours and stitching =)
Congrats for your French knots !! it wouldn't have been the same without them
big hugs

Delphyne said...

That's awesome. I love it!

Faye said...

Believe it or not I've just now discovered you. I've been enjoying your blog all evening and I particularly like this stitchery design of "Life should be taken with a grain of salt." Where can I purchase this pattern today, a good 2 years after you did this post?