Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the seaon.... be stressed out! Anyone else feel like that? I've been looking at all these wonderful websites and blogs about how to make you house festive for the season and they push the boat out! I really wonder how many people actually have houses like those pictured in the magazines or if there are more like mine with the fairy perched precariously on the top of the tree, the kids fighting over the candy canes, the parcels wrapped without co-ordinating paper, fancy bows and elaborate tags and the chocolates all eaten from the advent calendar way before Christmas eve! lol

So, as I said I have been checking out all these wonderful Christmas ideas online to see if I can get any inspiration for making gifts from my cross stitch. Sadly there really isn't much around. If you do know of any good sites please let me know! I have to share with you one of the worst home made Christmas gift ideas that I found (I'm sure there's plenty more but this one was todays' winner!)  oh Martha! What were you thinking?! Were you thinking?!

And since this is a cross stitch blog, I had better show you some stitching! Not much progress I'm afraid. I have been working on a piece for one of the magazines and, of course, can't let you see it just yet! But here's where the Dieters Prayer is at...

I was really enjoying stitching this one. It's one of those designs that you can stitch while watching TV or listening to a book on cd as there's plenty of bits that don't need too much counting or concentration. I'm really looking forward to getting back to this one!

Anyway, I have to go to the craft store as I have run out of thread for the design I'm stitching just now. So the question of the day is...will I come back with only the required thread or will some other goodies have jumped into the shopping basket?!!! I'll let you know!

Until next time...happy stitching!



Tricia said...

That link is TOO funny! I do hope no children make that for their mom this Christmas!

cucki said...

yup..that link is very funny..
keep well and happy shopping xx

Rebekah said...

No Martha, it's not a good thing! Ha ha!

I understand the stress. I almost had a panic attack when I heard the first Christmas music being playing in a store right before Thanksgiving.

Helen Philipps said...

Your cross stitch design is looking really lovely! I'm also doing some cross stith for a mag project, and a little crochet in seems to keep me calm in the midst of the seasonal stress! Have a lovely weekend.
Helen x

Mangogirl said...

I love that cross stitch design. I know what you mean about crazy christmas. I don't have a spare weekend until christmas with all the parties and stuff to do! Why does it have to be so crazy!

Lynn said...

I agree, Martha must have been out of her mind when she came up with that one!
Your WIP is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see what else you've been working on.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I think it's the prison influence coming out! "I'm making a big balls necklace from pantyhose" words which should never share a sentence!
Thanks for the link. At least they weren't "American Tan" tights!